MBA Case Study: Skills that Professors Investigate by Means of Student’s Case Study

Taking about MBA, it is the most wanted master’s degree for every graduate. That’s why the professors want to make the students perfect for handling all the business situations. And for doing this they use to analyze and evaluate the skills throughout each course. The most important facts that professors consider for analyzing the performance of students is a case study. Case study assesses various skills connected to this field. Some of the facts that are considered in the case study are given below.

Analysis of the skills related to MBA’s Case Study:

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Judgmental skills:

These skills show the higher order thinking of a student, the concept of judgmental skills is based on the learning taxonomies. Two things that are the part of this concept are:

  • Critical thinking.
  • Problem-solving:

Critical thinking:

This is based on the objective analysis and its evaluation to result in a judgment.

Problem Solving:

This includes the process of getting out from the problems that really complex.

Analytical Skills:

Analytical skills show the ability of a person that splits the argument and the theories that are applicable in the study and form them into small steps. When you use these skills in your case study the possibility of perfect outcome gets a height. As well as it introduces the strategies to support the argument with perfect conceptualized ideas that you use for inspiring the reader.

Conceptual Skills:

Conceptual skills are the home of creativity, these are the skills that make the work impressive. The skills allow a person to understand the process, abstract and the ideas behind theories and suggests ways for solving them with a formulate process as well as make them understand the interrelation among knowledge, perceptions, model and cryptogram.   

Persuasive Skills:

This shows the invention of a person by means of a change in thinking, decision-making and problem-solving with comparing to others. This could be based on a person only and could be in a group of a person as well. The process can be based on an event, perception and critical thinking. This gives a clear idea about your thinking and problem-solving techniques to your professor.

Relation of Theories to Real life:

This part of the case study shows what you have learnt from the course and you are using the technique in the real life with proper and absolute examples.

Presentation Skills:

The presentation skills are measured as the most effectual and attractive skills for grabbing the attention of the audience. This includes many parts to be focused for instance the design of presentation, the information that one is including in it and the way of presenting it.  

The most important thing to be careful about presenting a presentation is the voice, the body language of the person and the clarity in voice. Strong presentation skills reflect that how much you are confident about your efforts that you have done for making it, this is an important opportunity to amaze your professor.

Communication Skills (Written/ Verbal):

The communication skills show your ability for conveying your thoughts, ideas and feelings by means of words that you speak or write. It includes all the rules of grammar and properties when you are writing a language.  These are the main targets of the professors; they want to have an idea about the perfection in your writing. Make sure that whatever you are writing it must be in accordance with the rules of grammar and following its properties as well.

Personality Traits:

These are used to determine the aspects of the personality of the individual that reflects the quality of life of a person. Some of the facts that are part of personality facts are as follows:

  • Openness: It reflects the societal and cultural norms of a person.
  • Extroversion: How a person is performing the social and cultural norms.
  • Conscientiousness: It shows the degree of regulation.
  • Agreeableness: It shows dependability and cooperation of individual with others.
  • Neurotic-ism: This describes the condition of a person’s mind. The relation of this trail is with nervousness and anxiety.

These are the qualities and factors of the case study that are considered by the professors. By means of different projects or case studies provided as an assignment of MBA program, the professor wants to scan these factors.

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