Want a Challenging Career in UK? 15 Hardest Degrees You Can Try

Regardless of age or our position in life, we can find ourselves looking a new doorway of opportunity. Something that brings excitement and challenge in our lives. And what can be more challenging than pursuing a new academic field?

Not only can it be extremely interesting it also helps explore abilities you never knew you had. For precisely these reasons we present you 15 hardest courses you can attempt in the UK. All you need to do is pick one suited to your interests and begin the journey.

  1. Architecture

As you must be aware, the subject cover planning, designing, and construction of buildings and other infrastructure. This is an ideal degree for those with creative minds. The skills you will need for applying to this courses are a good eye for detail and familiarity with art. It can prove to be very difficult as you have to be precise with your calculations each time. A tiny mistake can bring down the entire design.

  1. Aerospace

This is a field related to aeronautical design, equipment, and maintenance. Students learn about aircrafts from every angle. Everything an aircraft’s parts to its design and methods to deal with dangerous situations is covered in it. Aerospace is considered one of the most difficult studies to attempt in UK because of the complexities it involves.

  1. Chemistry

Learn about the fundamentals of how life exists and thrives by becoming a chemistry student. Students need to analyze and experiment and understand how compounds and substances are created. Along with the reactions triggered when different elements are placed together. It is an extremely intricate yet fascinating subject to study as you understand the fundamentals of the universe.

  1. Biology

A basic subject that we all come across in school from early grades. But you will find studying it is a major to be an entirely different experience. The knowledge about all living bodies is explored in depth and detail when you study it at higher levels. Similar to architecture, you will need a good hand at drawing in it as well. With a healthy curiosity and strong nerves, you will be able to handle the complex experiments required in it.

  1. Law

When studied as a subject, law spreads out in many branches. Analysis, researching trails and case studies, evidence reading, memorizing decrees and statutes, are some areas you must delve in. Law is complicated in itself because of the vast knowledge you must have in order to excel at it. Students first need to learn a bit about all the different sections of law before specializing in one.

  1. Physics

If you are interested in science, then this is a subject that will appeal to you. Explore the structure of time, matter, space, existence, behavior, and motion. This is a crucial branch of science which deals in reasons, theories, and calculations behind everything around you. You will need to thoroughly study formulas, derivations, and application of theories for this degree.

  1. Biochemistry

A subdiscipline of chemistry and biology, biochemistry focuses on the chemical reactions occurring within a biological body. You will be working to understand chemical reactions and biological structures of organisms. This will be done through conducting experiments, creating diagrams, researching, and preparing reports.

  1. Computer science

This degree brings to you bright promises for a career in the current industry. New technologies are rapidly emerging thus widening the scope of this subject ever further. Programming, logic, data management, algorithms, computer accessibility are some basic features students get to study.

  1. Economics

As a student of economics, you will come across a myriad of complicated theories. It also involves analyzing ways in which people interact with values. Production, good consumption, distribution, services, and other processes included in manufacturing are all part of it.

  1. Medicine

Similar to law, there are various branches to medical sciences like orthopedics, anthropology, dentistry, etc. Though you must purse a particular branch, it is important to have some knowledge of each as well. Be prepared for an endless amount of research, critical thinking, experimentation, and analysis.

  1. Literature

Want a subject which helps you see the beauty of life? Literature is the answer to all those emotions simmering inside you. From the works of great authors to classical text, you will be able to find meaning in everything. Studying literature allows you to study broad perspectives and relate everyday life to them.

  1. Mathematics

Math is a source of woe for many students at early stages. But it also becomes a passion for others who are quick and innovative thinkers. The depth of this subject makes it complicated and lengthy. Thus, earning it a spot on this list of hardest degrees.

  1. Art

It is often wrongfully assumed that fine arts are a simple subject to pursue. But it requires a great amount of creativity and dedication required for it. You must have a focused and patient demeanor to master its techniques. Not to mention a drive to achieve perfection in your skill.

  1. Business

Studying the market, analyzing products and services, researching business potential, predicting outcomes, and estimating calculations are all included in business studies. What makes this degree difficult is the amount of case studies and reports you have to analyze constantly.

  1. Psychology

And lastly, we have the subject which is notorious for its complexity. It needs a deep study of theories and concepts. It will equip with tools needed for understanding human behavior and analyzing mindsets.

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