35 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics to Choose From

Are you confused to choose the topic of the argumentative essay? Or worried about the best argumentative topic that has extensively wide options?

Are you having the skills of argumentation and convincing others on your statement?

This article is catering to your problems by the solution offered by essay services in UK, which is considered the best assignment maker.

What is argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is one of the toughest strategies of the essay for a person who does not like any confrontation.

Primarily, selecting the topic is more challenging than writing a full-length essay; often time, what happens is that particularly you are pretty good at writing when the topic is assigned to you, but when it comes to selecting a topic on your own,, you get confused or go blank.

Nevertheless, the person who likes to participate in debates on their routine excel in producing an argumentative essay by mingling different opinions of top notch personalities and giving their personal opinion as a topic sentence to make it an interesting argumentative essay.

How to select the topic of argumentative essay?

Fortunately, in this era of easiness, every solution exists before the problem arises. Let us write an interesting argumentative essay at full length; various experienced writing experts offer their services, including an essay writing service in London, which is considered the top assignment maker.

For the best interesting argumentative essay, you first need to build a strong argument and opinion, which is strong enough to convince the essay’s audience; with that, you required a more supporting argument to make your main argument strong.

Building a strong argument can only be possible when you select the topic very keen without having a pressure that another student chooses this topic, or this can be tricky and technical, etc.

First, you need to relax while choosing the topic and then go for which you got passionate to a debate over or some interesting and relatable to your personal life or past experiences because these topics may help build strong arguments.

Interesting Argumentative Topics:

So here are the best argumentative essay topics to choose from as per the different categories, including health and nutrition, fashion and lifestyle, academics, and social media. Science, TV media and games, government, public and civil society, politics or legal system, gender parity, sports and athletes, parenting and childhood, personal character and morality.

Social media and technology:

  • Does social media affect our young generation?
  • Do smartphones affect teens by making them self-centered?
  • Does social media play a crucial role in education?
  • Real friends or online friends?
  • Does social media make people dependent on it?
  • Online teaching or face to face classes?
  • Books in the hand or the phone?

TV, movies, and video games:

  • Do Hollywood films inspire certain values?
  • Does the video game distract the child?
  • Do the movies deteriorate our societal norms or just the purpose of entertainment?
  • Are Hollywood blockbusters that bad?

Health and nutrition:

  • Are anti-smoking ads disturbing or effective?
  • Is smoking still considered a problem among teenagers?
  • Why do students prefer junk food over homemade healthy food?
  • How concerned are you about where your food comes from?
  • Do you think a healthier school lunch program is a lost cause?


  • Should nuclear weapons development be banned worldwide?
  • Why climate change is considered the global issue of a contemporary era?
  • Does a human being destroy the life beneath the earth?
  • Is science a blessing or a curse?

Government, public and civil society

  • Does the political leaders are fulfilling’s their responsibility?
  • Should voting systems need to be improved?
  • Does the public happy with the government?
  • What are the possible consequences of a dissolution of the government?
  • Does the actual democracy is following in the country?
  • What are roles of the democracy in building the nation strong?
  • What is the role of civil society in democracy today?
  • Socialism or democracy?

Politics and legal system:

  • What local problems do you think are the most prominent issue to solve?
  • Is there is a lack of laws or a lack of implementation?
  • Do you think the intervention of the military in state policies or laws are justified?
  • When should juvenile offenders receive life sentences?

Gender parity:

  • Why do parents differentiate the son over their daughter?
  • Why patricidal society stops females from playing the leading role?
  • What do you think about equal rights if men and women?
  • Do women do not have the right to pursue their careers?
  • Do fraternities promote misogyny?

Sports and athletics:

  • Does physical activities and sports are necessary for a healthy life?
  • Should parents register their children in any sports at childhood age?
  • Should colleges fund wellness programs instead of sports?
  • Should homeschoolers be allowed to play public school sports?

Parenting and childhood:

  • Why is the generation gap expanding day by day?
  • Why parents and children do not understand each other?
  • What can older people learn from your generation?
  • Is modern-day culture ruining precious childhood days?

Personal character and morality:

  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • Can kindness become cool?
  • Is your generation more self-centred than earlier?
  • Does purchasing and accumulating more and more stuff make us happier?

Fashion and lifestyle:

  • Does modern-day culture influence our wearing?
  • Why is the difference between men and women clothing are decreasing day by day?
  • Why are people becoming so brand conscious nowadays?

These are the current topic offered by top assignment writing services in UK because they are assignment makers to make the student life easy. The above topic assists you to build strong arguments to make your argumentative essay interesting and convincing. You don’t need to put extra effort into selecting the interesting topic; just directly jump on the writing process.

Final takeaway:

These topics save the students whose grades are at stake. Good topics are easier and do not require research ridiculously to defend your stance interestingly. These are topics which everyone has a general idea on that and individuals should have a basic understanding of the topic to write an interesting essay. I hope it will help you in writing the best argumentative essay.

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