A Detailed Guide Write Dissertation Introduction Abstract

Working on the main body of a dissertation can be quite challenging and a lengthy process. What is more daunting are all the different elements you have to handle alongside it. A dissertation depends on the completion of its various parts to become a comprehensive study. Among other integral parts like the literature review, methodology or research presentation, the abstract holds an equal importance. We will get into the reasons for that and procedure of writing a notable abstract in this article.

  1. The purpose of an abstract

A clearer understanding of the purpose of an abstract can help you immensely in writing one. It basically summarizes your research material into a formulaic and systematic way.

The reader can better understand the aims and results of your dissertation through it. And it also serves to convince them if the research is worth studying or not. Make sure to craft your abstract in a way which encompasses all these requirements.

  1. Length

Being concise is one of the basic characteristics of an abstract. Therefore, most abstracts do not require to be any lengthier than a single page. But this also depends on the instructions you receive from your professor.

So go through the specifications provided by your department before beginning the draft. Exceeding the word count can result in a considerable loss of marks. It indicates to your instructor a lack of comprehension about the objective of your abstract.

  1. Keep it precise

Retaining focus and not spilling beyond the specified limitations is the biggest challenge faced by abstract writers. Avoid using elaborate and complicated diction.

You should also aim to make it easier to understand for a wide range of readers. Unnecessarily florid language will just make the abstract longer without clarifying its purpose. It should be a balance between formal yet comprehensive terms that are simple and easy to read.

  1. Making it thorough

The abstract is meant to represent all the aspects of your dissertation. Your research objectives, reviewed sources, analysis, methodology, and conclusion will all hold a place in it.

Include a brief summary of each of these elements in your abstract. Keep in mind that fully informing the reader about your study is one of your primary objectives here. Hence, focus on covering all the different sections of your dissertation.

  1. Using accurate terminology

Both general and specific keywords relevant to your subject must be included in the abstract. They assist other researchers immediately identify the nature and objectives of your work.

Because of their importance, keywords should be chosen with care. It is essential that they represent the content and linked to your field. The concepts emphasized in your research should be evident in your chosen key terms.

  1. Establishing authority

Setting an authoritative tone from the beginning of your draft is crucial. It establishes that you are confident in your knowledge and appears suitably professional. In order to remove the element of uncertainty or hesitation from your writing, avoid using “I think”.

Using an academic vocabulary will further assist you in developing this tone. It will also remove any hints of personal opinion that might otherwise exist in the text. If you sound assured about your ideas and argument, then there are higher chances of convincing the reader.

  1. Salesmanship

Now this might be a demeaning term to refer to, but this nonetheless the purpose of your abstract. It is meant to “sell” your research to other academics. It should be very well-written to convince them of the importance and usefulness of your dissertation.

Your abstract should not lead readers to assume the premises of your research. Instead, it must contain explicit description of your work that compels people to read the dissertation. Phrase the summarization in such a way that it emphasizes the significance of your ideas.

  1. Maintain balance

Similar to how a dissertation should divide equal space between its various components, an abstract is a reflection of that. Study the marking criteria and determine the marks carried by each aspect. Then organize the components of your abstract accordingly.

  1. Express your concepts clearly

As mentioned previously, abstracts must adhere to a limited word count. However, your dissertation, the work which the abstract summarizes, is bound to be voluminous. You have to touch precisely yet with extreme clarity every important element which the study includes.

  1. Consult other published academic sources

Study other abstracts as an example. They will provide an even clearer idea of how you need to construct one yourself. Templates and models found in published literature are the best sources for it.

Everything from format to language and structure will be open for observation in these works. You can either find them online or search through a physical library to find material closely related to your topic. Seeking an example will help you visualize how to place your knowledge in a comprehensive form.

Need further assistance?

The guidelines we have shared with you can help you hone the ability to write an abstract successfully. But the process of dissertation writing is indeed far from easy and needs much patience and practice. Therefore, it would be wise in the meantime to take professional help in the matter.

Our academic writing service offers you the writing expertise of top field experts. They specialize in every element required to complete your dissertation or any other academic piece. Rest assured, you can only expect our papers to be original, excellently structured and formatted, based on a well-researched foundation. All you need to do is contact us regarding your queries and requirements. We are available round the clock for immediate responses.

Writing an abstract is something that you must prioritize if you want your dissertation to be a success. Do not make the error of leaving it till the last minute to complete. Just make sure that it is drafted after your dissertation is formulated in order to avoid too many changes.  Our service and the tips presented in this article can simplify the process for you.

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