How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

Since the pandemic of coronavirus, the working environments and workplace dynamics have gone 180 degrees. The economy of the entire world had bent down to its knees and employment reached the highest toll of all times. People faced unemployment and the organizations took extreme steps of firing their employees to manage their financial problems.

Due to the COVID-19, workplaces went through a rapid transformation and the swift development in the requirements of the recruiters became worth watching- this accelerated the concept of work from home and remote working in the professional industries.

Before the pandemic, the concept of remote working wasn’t famous among the people but since the virus took over the world and people started losing their jobs, they turned towards the option of freelancing- the most progressive career in today’s era!

Be it the career of a freelance writer or the freelance web designer, the professional industry of freelancing is growing with each passing day. The day is not far when we all would become a couch potato and would be working from our home, sounds funny but this is what the truth is!

You might be thinking that what freelancing actually is and how you can get started with it? Well, hold on to the seat belts because in this long and comprehensive guide, we are going to experience a deep dive into the industry of freelancing and that would be centered upon the writing career.

Shall we dive into the study?



The tables have been turned upside down since after the pandemic, and businesses have come across massive losses in terms of resources and employees. As soon as the coronavirus spread out, organizations and companies transformed their working dynamics rapidly.

This indirectly resulted in job loss and unemployment reached the highest toll of all times. As there was an upward surge in unemployment, people shifted towards the other means of earning and this brought the concept of freelancing into the limelight!

Basically, freelancing refers to the concept of working as an independent company rather than being employed by somebody else. The freelancers are always open to work independently for their own clients. They generate the income by being employed for those who want to get their task done in time by paying the money.

What we used to call the concept of being your own boss, freelancing has brought the life to that idea of being self-employed!

Gig-economy is on the rise and people are now talking frequently about the freelancing!

A report was conducted in the past that reflected, almost 53% of the workers aged between 18-12 are freelancing. Now you must have understood, freelancers are committed to provide some sort of services to their clients and in return, they get the money that must be decided right in the beginning.

Call it another form of entrepreneurship, freelancing encourages a specific service and outcome, and the customers are bound to pay the fee of that service.

In the year of pandemic 2020, around 2 million workers joined the freelance industry and are now generating their full-time income via the freelancing jobs.

From the bright career of marketing to web design, advertising, teaching, consulting, e-commerce, and writing; freelance industry covers them all! You will find a pool of professionals and experts on the freelancing platforms including Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Guru, and Freelancer.


With a total workforce of 3.5 billion around the entire globe, there are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers in the world- showcasing the industry of freelance is huge!

And without a second thought, this growing industry can be recognized as one of the great opportunity-provider for the job-seekers. No matter if you are tired of searching for a job or if you want to test drive a new career, freelancing can be your forever way to go!

Are you interested in working remotely?

Do you have an excellent command over the English language?

Looking forward to sell your talent of writing?

Businesses around the world are right now standing on the basis of digital marketing and content writing. If you have the skills of writing then trying the luck in freelancing wouldn’t go wrong for sure! All you need to have is exceptional skills of Googling and writing- purely a great talent!

You might be now in the thoughts of how to become a freelance writer? Well, this ain’t that difficult! Keep on reading this guide to find more about the freelancing writing career.



Basically, a freelance writer is somebody who is self-employed and is bound to write the articles, ad copy, descriptions, blogs, and other types of content for the living. For this purpose, they may get in contact with the news outlets, periodicals, companies, different organizations, and even with the independent clients as well who are willing to pay well.

To become a freelance content writer, you don’t need to have any experience and degree so this is relatively easier to get into the freelancing. The field that excites you the most or the niches over which you have an excellent command, you can write on those topics for your clients.

Once you have decided the niche and described your interest area in writing, make sure to put up some samples as well. This will motivate the customers and they will look for the options to buy your services in writing.

Since the field of content-research writing is on the rise, you can look for the freelance writing jobs in Edinburgh and your nearest cities as well.



If you are thinking to pursue your career in the writing field then here is a good news for you. Freelancing requires no experience or degree, all you need to have is a good command of the English language and some research skills and BAM; you are all set to begin your freelance writing career.

Content writing is a great career and getting paid for your outstanding writing skills- sounds like a great dream! There are several freelance writing jobs available in Manchester and you can land any of them by enhancing your writing skills.

Obviously, making it happen may turn out to be a difficult task for you in the beginning but with the passage of time, you will gain deeper insights in the field and will get to know the process of getting clients.

If you are starting from the scratch, thinking about how to make money through freelance writing, then you would have to be consistent with the process. In the meantime, you would be able to educate yourself. This would also ensure the productivity of the quality work.

Additionally, if you want to master the writing skill professionally then getting enrolled in any online content writing course would also help you.

I am breaking down some powerful freelance writing jobs that you can land via freelancing platforms. Trust me, you would be able to make more money on the other side!

Freelance blogger:

This focuses on the blog writing only. One has to create effective and impressive blogs and have to charge on the basis of pay per word.

Content writer:

The job of a content writer is to create different types of content like white paper, product descriptions, blog posts, eBooks, etc.

SEO writer:

SEO writers provide highly optimized content for the search engines in order to rank better on Google, etc.

Content strategist:

This one could be pretty difficult because one has to manage the whole content and has to bring more creativity into it.

Freelance web content writer:

Freelance writer jobs also offer you to be web content writer. Creating outstanding content for the web is the responsibility of the web content writer.

Ghost writer:

The writer is not allowed to write the document with his name. But the ghostwriters have to provide ghostwritten pieces of writing.

Professional writer:

Once you have worked as the freelancer for almost 2 years, you are ready to call yourself the professional writer officially.

Research writer:

If you have a great command over the research skills and you are able to create the assignments of the students, then this is a job for you. You can get the freelance writing assignment and can complete them for the students.



You can understand the basics of freelance writing as a writer who is working on the basis of self-employment. Call it an independent business owner or consider as the form of entrepreneurship, freelance writing can help you make more money than you could make in your 9 to 5 job.

I have experienced this feeling of being tired whole day after the job and not having any time for the family. I started the freelance writing career back in 2017 as my side hustle. Of course, like every other beginner, I also made stupid mistakes in the beginning of my writing career.

But as the time passed, I learned myself and improved my writing skills in a killing way.

The process is time-consuming and could be highly disappointing for a lot of the people. But this is it what makes you a master at your writing field.

Now let’s have a look at the different types of freelance writing services that you can offer to the people via freelance platforms.


In the beginning, just keep your focus on creating blogs. This would help you to increase your speed and command on the writing. Blog writing is one of the shortest project because the blog length is 700 to 1500. You can create your own blog as well and can go loud about your writing.

Article writing:

Thinking about how to get into freelance writing? Writing the article as a freelancer could be a great way to get into the industry of freelancing. You can get in touch with the publications and different agencies who want to get the article on specific topics.

Website copy:

Become a web copywriter and take the business of your client to the top. Business strategists are always open for the best web content writer who can influence their visitors to buy the product. For this purpose, you may need to learn some basics of SEO.

Social media:

With the hands-on commands of creating outstanding content, you can land freelance writing jobs online in UK. Take the social media marketing of the businesses towards success by creating engaging social media posts and content.


If you are the type of person who is keen in noticing the spelling mistakes and silly errors, then try your luck in the editing. This could be one of the excellent ways of earning money in the freelance writing jobs.

Technical writing:

Are you having a great command over the technical and research fields? Get into the technical writing and help the audience understand the complex things easily. There are so many freelance content writing jobs available online and by being confident with the niche, you can enter in the industry of freelance.



Are you still in the thoughts that how to start freelance writing?

Let’s make this easiest for you! Jotting down some of the excellent ways that would help you to find the freelance writing jobs. This is your turn to make the most of the golden opportunity that is available right now!

Start pitching:

Get in contact with the small businesses and bloggers or even entrepreneurs and let them know how you can help them grow. Even the people who don’t know how to start freelance writing with no experience, they can also start writing for the small startups.

Enhance the networking skills:

Keep growing your network. Get in touch with the new writers and bloggers. Create connections with the professional writers and enhance your network. In this way, you would be able to understand their perspective and this would help you for future freelancing options.

Use the website:

You can get in touch with different freelance writing agencies in UK to build your strong portfolio. Getting the help of any professional freelancer would also be helpful in this regard. You can also create your own blog and can use it for the future opportunities.

Show up for guest post:

Are you a college student? Are you looking for freelance writing jobs for college students? If that’s how the thing is then you must look for the options of guest posting. Money must not be your first priority, start the free guest posting and soon you will create your phenomenal image as a writer.

Join the Facebook groups:

Keep looking for the groups on Facebook that offer a wide range of jobs on freelance essay writing. This would also help you to land the freelancing jobs proficiently. Be highly careful and vigilant while choosing the client as well.

Search down the LinkedIn:

Still in the thoughts of how to get freelance writing jobs? LinkedIn is one of the greatest help for you to land the writing job. Add a proper description and maintain your profile strong enough to attract the clients. From LinkedIn, you can get so many clients for your writing services.

Look for the websites that pay the writers:

How to become a freelance writer in UK may turn out to be a difficult case scenario for some people and they may not like to take it to professional level. But you can look up at the websites that are known for paying the writers for every single post! – sounds dreamy right? But this is true so you must try these websites as well.

Leave your clients in a “Wow”:

Make sure that you are inspiring your clients. Once you have managed to make them wow from your writing, you will surely start getting more clients from their references. Always remember, your clients are your most precious assets and you must keep them hooked to your services.


  • Choose your niche and then conduct extensive research on your chosen niche
  • Get started with your own website or the blog
  • Place the great sample work on your blog and profile
  • Do not forget to pitch yourself everywhere
  • Ensure to collect the testimonials from your clients
  • Keep networking with professional writers and experts from your industry
  • Do not step back from the guest posting

This long and detailed guide will make you walk through the essentials of freelance writing. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you will understand the basic concepts of freelancing and freelance writing as well.


The businesses are now shifting their operations towards remote working. Looking for the options that could help you earn all while being at home is definitely worth it. Freelance writing is also one of those growing careers with which you can earn good amount of money in lesser time. This comprehensive guide would definitely turn out to be your best companion in the learning of a freelance writing career! Have a great writing career ahead!

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