ChatGPT And Education: Advantageous Or Disadvantageous?

Artificial intelligence has been the town’s talk ever since ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. ChatGPT is a sibling model of instructGPT and is a natural language processing model introduced by open AI. It offers human-like conversations, answer queries, and execute various tasks. Its usage is free of cost. All you have to do is sign up to leverage it to the fullest. All the sectors, including the education system, are using this tool.

Educators of all academic levels are frightened of the possible harmful impacts of Chatbot on students. They fear that the rate of plagiarism and academic dishonesty will increase due to AI advancement. However, the truth is that everyone within the education system can leverage Chatbot to the fullest due to its abundant benefits. Hence, today’s post will address the prominent opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT for education.   

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Opportunities And Challenges Of ChatGPT For

Teachers And Students

While wading through this post, you will discover Chatbot’s unique possibilities for teachers and students. Later, we will unravel the education system’s hurdles due to this tech boom.

Unique Possibilities Of ChatGPT For Teachers

  1. Evaluate And Enhance The Quality Of Work

Teachers can leverage AI’s latest program’s natural language understanding feature to evaluate their written material. They can also enhance the quality of their work in a few ways. The Chatbot is excellent at proofreading and editing content. Plus it can serve as a great technical writer as well! If you need blogs on technical niche, consider using this popular bot. Besides, you can review your written work or check students’ assignments with Chatbot. They will eliminate and amend all the grammatical flaws, misspellings, omissions, syntax errors, and punctuation mistakes.

Moreover, they can provide feedback to your tutees for essays, mathematical problems, et cetera. Furthermore, the NLP model can also explain the correct usage of words and grammar. Their provided examples and rules will serve as a roadmap for your learners.

  • Creates Valuable Content

ChatGPT is a valuable and efficient tool for teachers to accelerate their teaching process. They can transform boring learning into engaging and effective. One of the ways to do it is through content creation. As a teacher, you can command the Chatbot to curate quizzes, lesson plans, activities, et cetera.

For instance, you can ask it to develop multiple choice questions related to a topic, which will deliver you. You can assign those MCQs to your classroom after offering a lecture. By solving those queries, you can examine pupils’ depth of understanding of the subject. Moreover, the NLP model can generate comprehensive content if a particular topic is not detailed in the textbook.

  • Develop an Outline Of Syllabus

One of the gruesome tasks of the education system is to develop the syllabus outline for every class. It is a weight matter because it impacts the overall learning of students. This latest Chatbot has an immense capability to help them design curriculum frameworks. It can prepare course objectives, topic generation, and lesson planning.

Moreover, it can identify and develop relevant data for the course. All this will make the teaching process a complete breeze as the educators will have a perfect outline. They can use that as a roadmap throughout their session.

  • Helps In Grading Assignments

The responsibilities of teachers are endless, from planning lessons and giving lectures to handling many students at once. Every time an educator asks pupils to write an assignment, it further increases the burdens on the tutor’s shoulders. They have to check and grade plenty of paper, which leaves next to zero time for personal life. However, the NLP model has solved this problem as it can assist educators in grading homework.

  • Helps In Communication With Students And Their Parents

Besides conducting tests, offering lectures, and grading homework, communication is also essential for educators. Their way of interacting with students and their parents carries weight. Therefore, it is vital to communicate correctly and professionally with them. However, as teachers always run out of time due to their long list of tasks, active interaction is sometimes arduous.

Hence, the latest NLP model can help teachers compose messages to learners. Moreover, it can also generate human-like professional emails to inform parents about the educational matters of their children. Furthermore, it can also produce a classroom newsletter to keep the tutees and their families updated on class activities.

Unique Possibilities Of ChatGPT For Students

  1. Get Answers Of Complex Questions

If you, as a student, are stuck with some complex question and can’t reach out to a tutor, use ChatGPT. It will provide the answer and an explanation with realistic examples and evidence. Hence, it will accelerate your learning process irrespective of how complex queries arise in your mind. Ask them about the latest AI program and broaden your existing knowledge. It is an excellent feature for individuals with analytical reasons who always look out for new information.

  • Boost Problem-Solving Skill

Subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics have various complexities. They also involve different problems and numerals.

The more they undertake exercises, the better they perform in these subjects. Problem-solving skills uplift whenever they learn a new way to solve a numerical problem.

So, if pupils grapple with a specific query for so long but still can’t solve it, seek help from Chatbot. It will show a step-by-step procedure to get the final result. Using this way, they get the answer and learn the method. Moreover, enthusiastic learners can ask the AI program to assign them further math or physics problems for practising.

Not just that, but this OpenAI creation can prove to be a great help in proofreading. Often students commit mistakes in their homework and require an additional pair of eyes to proofread. This bot can prove to be a great help. For instance, if you have written an assignment ace – the bot will correct it and make it ace assignment.

  • Enhances The Writing Skills

Writing is an inseparable part of student’s lives. More or less, they have to keep writing regardless of their academic level. Whether it is about composing assignments or attempting tests, their writing skills can help them come a long way. Therefore, intelligent and hardworking pupils always find ways to enhance their articulateness.

Thus, many regularly use AI’s latest programs to get valuable suggestions and improve their content. It helps them to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

  • Improves Language Skills

As more companies establish their businesses internationally, they look for bilingual employees. Hence, bilingualism is catching the prominent attention of employers, and many career aspirants understand that. Therefore, they start improving their language skills right when they’re students. Besides, learning a new lingo with the outstanding features of ChatGPT has become child’s play. Users within the education system can also get translations of content written in an anonymous language.

  • Streamline The Research Process

Researching is the initial step of whether you must write a thesis, essay, or research paper. And certainly, one of the trickiest too! Selecting the topic and finding relevant background information is nerve-wracking, but not anymore with the Chatbot. Suppose you can’t find relatable social media dissertation topics; the bot will assist you. It will also deliver background information on the subject matter, identify relevant titles, and organize your research. Moreover, you can also get assistance related to the citation of your dissertation.

Terrifying Challenges Of ChatGPT For Education

  1. Chances Of Inaccurate And Incomplete Information

One of the most significant drawbacks of ChatGPT is that it sometimes provides inaccurate and incomplete information. It can create a substantial challenge by creating misunderstanding or puzzlement for the students and teachers.

  • Possibility Of Biased Content

As the programmers train the Chatbot on an immense ocean of data, its results greatly rely on stored information. If the data used in the training is biased toward a gender or something else, the results will promote discrimination. Thus, it can challenge the education system and lead to negative learning.

  • Serious Consequences Of Plagiarism

Though ChatGPT provides enhanced results than other AI bots, the content isn’t original at the end of the day. It delivers assignments curated from the trained data already available online. While using the latest NLP model, tutees risk facing severe consequences of plagiarism. They may get low grades, fail a course, or even academic suspension if caught.

Thus, learners should either compose their homework by themselves or take the assistance of human experts from assignment help services. Both are safe options because your paper produces from scratch.

  • Reduction Of Critical And Creative Thinking

The speed and automation of the NLP model highly influence many tutees. They may start using it to accelerate their tasks but later get their grunt work from the bot. All this causes overdependence or overreliance on the tool, which reduces pupils’ critical and creative thinking.

The Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of this blog. If you have reached this point, you must have comprehended the opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT for education. The Chatbot helps evaluate and enhance work quality, create content and develop syllabus outlines for teachers. It also assists educators in grading assignments and communicating with students plus their parents.

Besides, the latest NLP model answers intricate queries, helps pupils solve problems, and boosts writing skills. It also streamlines the research process of writing tasks and improves language skills. In contrast, Open AI’s bot also comes up with several challenges in the education system. It can deliver inaccurate, incomplete, and biased data, resulting in negative learning.

Moreover, overdependence on its automation can decrease critical and creative thinking in tutees. And lastly, pupils who take grunt work from the Chatbot risk facing severe consequences of plagiarism.

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