Twenty Trendy Social Media Dissertation Topics You Must Know

The dissertation aims to check a student’s calibre in terms of a subject matter. This type of writing asks a writer to share their perception about a certain topic.

Besides its purpose of checking students’ calibre, it also plays a vital role in attaining a degree. It impacts the grades; therefore, it is crucial to come up with a top-notch paper to score high.

Choose a topic you feel interested in as this would make your next stages, such as research and structure formation, easier. The ones who are interested in social media should choose a subject that revolves around it.

Twenty Fresh and Trendy Ideas for Social Media Thesis

However, choosing a topic that interests you in this niche can also be tricky as new technologies are constantly being introduced. So, one must have a whale of time to pick the right subject.

In this blog, we will be sharing twenty fresh and trendy ideas related to this niche to make your hustle easier. Pore over all of them to decide which subject goes with you the most.

Let’s get this show on the road!

  1. Comparison of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as a Marketing Networks for Startups

A perfect thesis is the first great idea to compare Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as marketing networks for startups. With the rise in advancements, brick-and-mortar businesses have started showcasing their products online. startups also use social media for marketing their products and services.

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are used the most to serve this purpose. You can compare these three networks’ marketing and advertising strategies to know how they’re helping small businesses grow.

Content posted on these networks is used to advertise their brand. You can explain what type of content suits each platform.

  1. Its Role in Political Campaigning

Here comes another interesting subject in which you would explain online forums’ role in political campaigning. With time, almost everything is evolving, politicians are also keeping up with the trends.

Besides, the physical ways, they also use forums as a tool for successful campaigning. Twitter and Instagram are mainly used to serve this purpose. Exploring what actions political parties take to run for office before the election would help you determine how politicians engage with forums.

Also, you can look into how users interact with the posts posted by politicians and generate their relevant content. This would enlighten you about how voters engage with those campaigns. Give tips for both voters and politicians to engage better with each other while writing.

  1. How do Media Platform Affect Mental Health?

Several pieces of research have been made on how media platforms affect mental health. You can pore over those studies and use your personal experience of socializing to write a fine-quality paper.

A dissertation writing tip: Make sure to explore negative and positive impacts on the user in your study.

Users should get well aware of the two sides of a coin to come to a decision that benefits them. You can also mention the strategies that help the users improve their mental health.

Some questions are yet to be explored and constructed. You can answer them in terms of your perspective and intellect. Conducted research stated that over usage of it leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

  1. How Networking Websites Let Disinformation Spread

You can write on this rare topic as there are plenty of things you can talk about. With the rise in advancements, there is also a rise in fake news circulating on networking websites.

You can discuss how these platforms let certain types of content bloom and how this helps negative people spread disinformation. A few types of research were conducted, stating that people are more likely to spread unauthentic information over authentic one.

Some bad influencers are using this fact to their benefit by spreading a rumour about a certain celebrity. The vast majority of users believe that fabrication and circulate it further.

All of this mess leads the victim to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other kinds of mental disorders. In severe cases, the victim even quit their life through suicide.

A great tip: Get dissertation writing guidance from your professor or online services to write a high-scoring paper.

  1. How it Benefits Communities

One can also compose on how networking websites benefit communities. It helps the communities to grow on the individual as well as collective levels. Individuals connect and engage with each other from boundaries apart.

No matter how the relationship between their countries is, they still create a strong bond. People can communicate with their family members and friends dwelling in abroad anytime.

Students within the community are encouraged to learn and grow. They share their educational journey by posting on their accounts that inspire other pupils.

Businessmen also use networks to attract more prospects and turn them into customers to generate more leads. Another advantage, it helps youngsters to develop their interests and connect with like-minded people.

  1. Influence of Networking Sites on Children

Don’t want to write on a community level? Composing the influence of networking sites on children would be an outstanding idea. You must have noticed how children learn to use a phone before even walking and speaking.

This is astonishing and concerning at the same time. Numerous children surf the internet these days. Some use phones under the supervision of a parent or an adult while others don’t.

You can discuss its effect on children on both mental and physical levels. Highlight the factors of how surfing on the internet can improve or derail a child’s growth. If you want your assignment to Ace, this topic is the most suitable one.

  1. Evolution of Communication Due to Digitalization

You would be amazed to find out how communication has gone through so many phases of evolution to reach where it is today. There is an absence of body language, tone of voice, and other kinds of non-verbal cues in the online form of communication.

Emojis, GIFs, stickers, etc. are the ways to express emotions and feelings in this new form of communication. In old times, people used to go to other cities to invite their friends and extended family for weddings and other events.

However, in today’s time, they just make a call or send a digital invitation to invite people who even live in the same city. It has undoubtedly helped faraway people connect but has disconnected people living under the same roof. Discuss all these aspects to come up with a theory of communication in your dissertation.

  1. How it Impacts the Corporate Image of a Brand

The corporate image of your business is your brand’s public perception. Brands take several actions to improve their corporate image. Social media usage to create a strong presence of brands shows the role technology plays in modern economics and online marketing.

You can compose your academic writing on how platforms impact the corporate image of brands. You can also share the techniques to execute it further in the right way.

  1. How it Serves as a Primary News Source

Time has passed since television was the primary source of acquiring news. You had to glue your face to the screen at a certain time to get aware of the latest happenings, but not anymore.

These days, the audience can easily get their daily dose of news and updates occurring while they are on the go. They can get news related to anything and everything with just one click.

News networks have adopted this trend by keeping their audience updated with all the titbits.

  1. How These Networks Force People to Suicide

Some researchers stated that greater time spent online leads to self-harm behaviour. It further leads adolescents to mental distress and suicidal ideation.

It messes up the mental condition of depressed adolescents to the point that they can’t get away from suicidal thoughts. A lot of times, they attempt suicide and complete suicide in some cases.

The relationship between social networking and mentally weak people is bifacial. However, these platforms are also used to spread awareness related to mental issues to save youngsters from self-harm and suicide.

You can elaborate on all these above points in detail to carve your thesis into the best one. The role of the Virtual Reality World in Education helps mentally weak students to experience new locations and things. This can inspire them to live long and enjoy life.

  1. How it Reshapes Educational System

Your propose your piece of writing by focusing on numerous ways in which social media is reshaping the educational system. Talk about its effects on the students inside and outside the boundaries of institutes.

Begin with first discussing the empowering effects and what actions should be implemented to benefit educational institutions. Later, open up about daring teachers and how they can penetrate the online world.

From elementary to university level, students, parents, and teachers are all learning new ways to share information on the web. According to a study, almost 96% of people who have an internet connection in their phones have at least one account on networking websites.

Though the majority of the students use their accounts for entertainment, there are also significant numbers who positively use them. They spread positivity and awareness and stay productive in useful activities on online networks.

  1. Social Media Addiction and How to get over it?

It is the physical and physiological addiction caused when a brain’s reward system is triggered. Triggering is the release of a dopamine chemical that makes a person feel good.

This type of addiction involves a person using platforms to connect with friends and dear ones, watch videos, scroll memes and reels, or simply kill time. This habit is more common among children, teenagers, and middle-aged people.

Excess use of it can harm your mental abilities in multiple ways. Now the question arises whether one can get over this addiction and if yes, then how? A person can get rid of it in multiple ways.

But first, a person needs to set strong intentions. One needs to be persistent as the journey towards a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t be easy. Students listening skills can be improved after getting rid of this addiction.

  1. Parent’s Hyper protection: Pros, Cons, and Solution

Hyper protectiveness of parents intends to save their children from harm, hurt, pain, unhappiness, bad experience, and so much more.

Pros include the prevention of content that can affect the mental health or promote negative influence. It also saves children from cyberbullying. Monitoring screen time and setting the limit encourage children to do well in all aspects of their lives.

The cons of hyper-protection are it invades children’s privacy. Tech-savvy children can still get away from parental controls by using several techniques.

The solution is to have parental control over your children according to how old they are but also teach them useful ways to surf the internet. Trusting your kids is also necessary.

  1. How Twitter and Facebook Help People When Natural Disasters occur

At times, when natural disasters occur, people turn to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for several reasons. They first use it to check whether their family members and friends are safe and well or not.

Secondly, they use to seek help either for themselves or for the affected ones. Thirdly, they surf on platforms to gather information about the magnitude of the disaster.

People in that affected location constantly take pictures and videos to share with the world. It lets users get minute-to-minute information and keeps them updated with the road closure, shelter locations, and much more.

Campaigns are run over Twitter and Facebook to raise money to help out the affected people.

  1. How Social Media is Changing Human Behaviour

Writing about the impact and changes it causes in human behaviour is another fresh and creative idea. It has led to several negative changes in human beings, such as self-obsessed and narcissistic behaviour.

It has made them lethargic, and violent and has a behaviour that is highly influenced by low esteem, depression, and anxious thoughts. They also suffer through other mental and trust issues.

However, it also serves a positive purpose, such as becoming a source for the lonely to connect with people and build bonds with those with similar interests.

One of the changes in human behavior is that they are more open to taking a helping hand now. They feel free to get online exam help from their online friends or professional services.

  1. Social Media Connecting and Disconnecting People

We can talk endlessly about how it helps to connect people. People can stay in touch with their family members and friends who are either dwelling in the other city or country. They can have face-to-face conversations and feel each other’s presence.

One can also connect with strangers and learn about their cultures, traditions, and lifestyle. Individuals can express their thoughts and wisdom with other users and have conversations with like-minded people.

However, it has created a disconnection between the people living under the same roof. Instead of talking to each other when sitting in a room, they use phones to contact faraway ones. Its drawback also includes loneliness and depression.

  1.  Stay Away from Self-harm Games

As a millennial, you must be aware of games such as “Blue Whale” and “MOMO” as a millennial. There are also a few other games based on the same purpose. It would be an outstanding idea, if you write your dissertation.

You can help the reader understand these games, how they’re played, and their impact. These games can lead to self-harm and even suicide. So, your dissertation can be a step towards preventing others.

  1. How Social Media Influences Fashion

It helps the fashion industry to connect more easily with consumers. Research states that Instagram is the number one platform for finding the best and latest products and fashion trends.

The new fashion designer also showcases their collection as an online store on their websites or other platforms.

  1. How Can One Improve Social Skills?

Innumerable articles, blogs, and posts on the web guide one to improve social skills. In the above points, we explained how it disconnects people in real life but also helps the socially awkward person improve and become an active one.

You can discuss and explain the points written in those guides. Several people, after taking guidance, confidently engage with everyone.

  1. How Can One Pursue this Field?

You can get started on this subject by first explaining why one should be pursuing this career. Solidify your answer by giving valid reasons, such as this field is always changing and has become a necessity for businesses.

It also allows one to have the freedom to express their creative side. Later, elaborate in the form of steps for what it takes to pursue this career.


These were all the twenty fresh ideas for the social media dissertation. We didn’t just mention the topics but also elaborated to give you a hint on how to compose each one of them. As we have blessed you with numerous great ideas, you can easily pick the one you love the most out of them.

Research well before getting started and compose an outstanding thesis to score high. You can also share this blog with other students to help them out in selecting a topic. Let us know which subject you are going to write on in the comments box.

Thanks for taking out time to read!

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